Article Builder Article Writing Made Easy

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Article Builder Article Writing Made Easy

When it comes to ranking in the search engines we all know that content is king. But having content custom created is expensive. Private Label Rights articles are good but everyone ends up with the exact same articles. These days with the way the search engines are working that is really bad news. Bad content, poorly spun articles, computer generated synonyms, all creating garbage content.All of this will completely back fire on you. Instead of getting high search engine rankings and getting loads of traffic your site will be flagged and sent to the bottom of the heap.

Article Builder

Article Builder is the best solution for creating fresh highly unique content and makes for the ultimate auto blogging tool.

How does it work? There are three main functions to Article Builder. 1.Building and article, 2. Injecting content into your own article, and 3. Posting your articles automatically to your WordPress blog – you can do this manually or setup to happen automatically according to a posting schedule that you setup.

Article Builder Point And Click Easy

Within Article Builder you can setup the software to create and article which is at least 75% unique which is well above the Search Engine threshold. There are three options. You can create a tips based article which pulls from the Article Builder database of 10’s of thousands of introductions, conclusions, tips and titles, to piece together an article that reads perfectly smoothly. Why? Because all that content is human written and edited and designed to fit together within the categories. To do this you select from the over 80 categories, which are being continually added to.

Posting Articles With Article Builder

If we were to create an article for weight-loss for example, you can check a box to use Super Spun content. You can than add optional keywords that you want included, select your target work count and select how many articles you would like. Press the Create button and there you have your article(s). Very simple and very powerful.

Using Categories With Article Builder

You can download all the articles as a zip file, post them to a blog that you have already configured or download each article individually.

Download Your Articles In Article Builder

With Super Spun content every key part of the article is re-written multiple times. Every sentence has been written and re-written by writers who have to pass a high level literacy test and once those sentences are re-written they have to pass through an editing process to ensure high quality. This ensures content that is a bare minimum of 75% unique. If you test the results with Copyscape you will find that no two articles will ever be more the 25% the same.

Within Article Builder there are other ways to create unique content whenever and wherever you need them. You can create articles of super-spun content from 50,000 words or more out of each category. Or you can download the full super-spun text of articles in a variety of categories and drop into any link networks or blogs or anything that supports super-spun nested articles that you can then create as many unique articles as you want. The system is capable of creating literally billions of unique versions and every article is guaranteed to be at least 75% unique.

You can also inject content into your own articles. Say you have a PLR article or something you have written and you want to make it more unique to the search engines. You can do that very easily using the content inside Article Builder. You simple select your category, select super-spun content, how much content you want to add and how the content should be injected. There are a number of places you can inject content: Inside the content, As Sidebar “tips”, Both inside and Sidebar, As In-Line “callouts” and Both Inside and Callouts. And you can adjust how this injected content will appear using settings that control text size colour etc. All of this injected content makes your article(s) much more unique and therefore attractive to the search engines.

Inject Content With Article Builder

Inserting Content

A very powerful feature of the Article Builder is that you do not need to manually add the content your create with it to your website. You simply click on the “BLOG” button and add as many WordPress blogs as you like into the system. You can then setup up the builder to post the articles on its own according to a schedule that you choose. By clicking on the Auto Posting button and then on the Posting Job button, and then selecting the blog you wish to post to, the category, the minimum and maximum size of the post according to word count and the frequency of the posts to be made. It also gives the option to use a Resource Box with all your articles which also supports unlimited nested spinning. In advanced settings you can add images or videos to the posts, monetize the posts and so on. More features than you will ever want or need.

Article Builder is constantly adding topics to the categories section but if there is something that is not covered you can request it and if there are enough requests for that topic it will be added in the future.

The design is simple and very user friendly. There is no clutter to get in the way of you creating fresh unique content under the topics of your choosing with a few simple clicks. To find out more and to see a video demonstration of this software CLICK HERE.

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