Audio and video are no strangers to the internet and are subjects that we need to pay attention to as the internet continues to become a multi-media platform. In the early days of the internet text was king. Websites were mainly text, messaging was mainly in the form of text (think emails), and even the building of websites required someone to work in a text only programming language. Now just about everything can be done visually. Using what you see is what you get software. Now just about every website is strongly visual in appearance and will also most likely contain some form of audio even it is restricted to what some embedded video on the site requires.

The bandwidth that audio and video require used to make it difficult for many websites to create the user experience they were after. Now broadband is basically the internet standard and only gets better and better with the passage of time. Now websites often feature video almost exclusively to deliver content as you are probably well aware. Video and audio are a lot more complicated to work with than text but as with all things digital what was once difficult it now relatively easy once you have the know-how.

Here on this site you will find a like to talk about video production and marketing in various forms. You will see that there are links in various places that will take you to the pages on this site that focus exclusively on video, things I have learned, advise from myself and others who know a lot about this particular form of media. I will also recommend various training materials and courses you can take if you are interested in learning more. It really is a great area to be involved in if you like to create and are a visually orientated kind of a person and many of us are.

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