Calculator Shortcut

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Calculator Shortcut

I was wanting to know how to create a calculator shortcut today and wondered if it was easy to do or even possible to do. Generally all functions on computers can be assigned a quick key or a short cut of some kind and I was certain that there would be a quick key for windows 7, that’s the system version I am currently running on my two laptops, and I just had to find out what it was.

If you are anything like me if I can make my life easier by using some kind of keyboard shortcut on my computer you’ll want to know about. I was getting sick and tired of having to go to my start button, go to programs, scroll to the Accessories folder, and then look through the list of programs and applications to find the calculator. Now it’s been one of those applications on my computers that I often use so why I hadn’t thought to create a shortcut before was a mystery to me…. but I guess that I just thought it’s a program that I would just open like almost every other. And I had just kept on doing what I had always done rather than find some way to have a calculator short-cut. But today was the day that all changed.

So I discovered to create a windows 7 calculator short cut is easy and takes about as much time as opening the software like I had been until today. That is the initial set-up takes a bit of time and a series of clicks and scrolls but once done the calculator can be opened by simply hitting a combination of keys. Easy, super-quick and painless. OK, I know that some windows keyboards, maybe all of them, have a key dedicated to opening the calculator, so I am obviously talking about what to do, how to set-up shortcut for the calculator, when that is not the case. Most laptop keyboards are trying to be economical in the space that they take up so a number of keys that could be there are not to save space.

Here are the steps to set-up a calculator shortcut:

1. Click on the “Start button”.

2. Click on “All Programs”.

3. Scroll and open the “Accessories” folder.

4. Find the “Calculator” application and Right Click.

5. Go to “Properties”.

6. Click on the “Shortcut” tab.

7. In the “Shortcut key” field type the key combination you want to open the Calculator with. It automatically adds “Ctrl + Alt +” so your choice of key will be added to the end of that. My Shortcut key looks like this: “Ctrl + Alt + C”

Easy as.

Keep a look out for more little tips as I learn them and find them of value. Well actually I know I heap of little things I have learned over the years but then every new system up update that comes out I do feel like we have to relearn everything again…. but that’s the one constant if you work with computers or work online = change. Change is something that is guaranteed. But for now the windows 7 calculator shortcut should be able to help make your life a little easier and save time in the process…. even if it is just a few seconds. It did mine :)


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