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Design has got to be one of the most important aspects of your website and internet presence. Without good design your website visitors can become lost and confused before… simply clicking away from your site to find what they are looking for elsewhere. You are probably quite familiar with the experience yourself if you have been doing things on the internet for any length of time.

Design is one of my favorite subjects not only on the web but offline in many different areas including interior design, furniture and graphics in the public arena. I have worked in design since the early 80’s having trained in Product Design and working in the furniture and interior design fields before branching out into Graphic Design as the Apple MacIntosh made it’s debut. Initially I worked with a team of designers and art directors doing pre-press work for magazines and other print media. Later I then got involved in design on the internet creating websites using HTML based design programs and later moving into more “what you see is what you get” design programs as they were developed. I was so thankful for their development as I was never comfortable using HTML and the like, thought I can do it, I am much more of a visual person than a nerdy computer language expert.

Now-a-days I still provide design services to those who have the need, both on and off line. This can be print media, other graphics for off-line use including brochures, magazines, business cards… the list is endless. I retain an interest in furniture design and production making sure I keep my hand-in by creating various pieces each year as time allows. Of course my design services mainly relate to website design, production and advice as this is the area in which I spend most of my time professionally these days.

I now highly recommend clients to make use of the powerful website creation platform called WordPress. As a website production tool it is really unmatched on the internet. It provides someone with all they need to create a good website presence within a very short amount of time and enables anyone to manage their website content themselves with a minimal amount of training and on-going input and advise from a professional. The easiest way to get started is of course with the option of using their hosted site creator but if anyone is serious about their online presence they need to have a self-hosted WordPress site. This second option, the option for a professional online presence does require some initial training as it is a little more involved technically. I provide step-by-step training to assist people making the choice to go in this direction and will be releasing a video course accompanied with a work book in the near future. A ton of free training is already available on the internet for anyone who has the time to go out there and search for it.

Contact me for WordPress design advice, installation and best user practices.

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