Email Extraction Software

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Email Extraction Software

One of the most painful jobs you have to do when it comes to editing documents that contain a lot of email addresses is extracting the email addresses for use in other projects. Today I had just such a task to complete and I didn’t want it to take to long or to be something I had to do manually. So what was the first thing I did? I searched for email extraction software. Here is a short report about what I discovered and used to do the work in next to no time.

I discovered that there a few websites that do the work for you and there are softwares that you can download and use on your computer. Now a days I do prefer to do some of this kind or work online rather than add yet another piece of software to my system and also because downloading some software can pose security risks to your computer system by also introducing some malware, spyware or some other malicious piece of code you don’t want to know about let alone deal with if it messes up your computer. However if you do want to use a piece of software that requires it to be installed on your system Free Email Extractor looks powerful enough and is free. You can check out the specs at:

I recommend doing some of your data processing online now as so many services give you great results for little or no investment. I discovered a website where I just had to paste a text file which contained any number of email addresses, up to 50,000, into a field, hit the extract button and within a few seconds I had all the emails in a convenient list which I could then simply copy and paste into and spreadsheet and edit/use how I wanted. This is the website I used:

The email address extracting software that I used gave me a list of addresses that was easy to copy and paste into a spreadsheet but I did do a little bit of editing first. I copied the extracted data and pasted it into a text document and got rid of some words that copied even though I didn’t want them. Simple to deal with though. My text program, and probably yours also, gives you the ability to search, find and replace (or delete) anything within a document. Once that was done I had a clean file I could use in the way I wanted.

The tool at: does give you the ability to also extract email addresses from copy/paste text (as I did), websites and files.


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