Marketing Insights

Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. I have been working on the internet now for a number years and most recently, in the last year+, been learning about… marketing on the internet in a desire to get better at it myself and to be able to share what I have learned with others.

One of the biggest problems I have encountered in the time I have been studying internet marketing is the problem of information overload. If you are anything like me your email in box is filled with information everyday that would take all day to read and digest if it was all deemed to be worth while. Most of the time however that is not the case. Here, on this website, I discuss some marketing techniques that I have found to be effective and I would also like to invite you to comment and provide your own insights whenever you have the time or inclination.

There are some resources that I have found to be excellent. Rather than repeat what they have to say here however, that would take a book or two probably, I will give you some links to the sources directly. There are certain people too that I would recommend following. And by that I mean getting on their mailing list and visiting their blogs on a regular basis.

Another thing I would like to suggest before closing this post is that you spend a little time each day maybe 30 minutes to an hour doing some study and reading up on some of the latest developments in your field of interest. You have to be disciplined to do this however as it is very easy to get distracted by the next bright and shiny thing. Don’t let it happen, stick to your area of interested or expertise and use your study time to build upon what you already know. One thing has proven true on the internet and in life in general and that is that change is inevitable. You will also be learning to stay on top of things and for your business to grow.

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