More Godin Books

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More Godin Books

One of my favourite books written by Seth Godin is this one:  All Marketers are Liars (with a New Preface): The Underground Classic That Explains How Marketing Really Works–and Why Authenticity Is the Best Marketing of All. When I read it I was unable to put the book down until I was finished. Fortunately I had some free time that day and it wasn’t a long read. The length of Seth’s books have certainly made it easy for me to read more books in a year than I ever used to. They don’t need to be long and drawn out.

One reader had this to say: “Marketers should have a good story to tell; if it’s a good enough story, consumers will repeat it, and that story has now become entrenched in our minds as “reality”. Mission accomplished.

Successful marketers understand the importance of creating demand from telling a good story. However, as Godin warns, the stories had better be authentic; consumers in this day and age of social media are quick to spot the phonies. That’s good news for the consumers; and should be good news for the creative marketers, who have good stories to tell. That probably explains why Twitter is becoming so popular; people like stories, especially short ones that are confined to 140 characters or less. Cutting to the chase has never been more important than it is today.

The point he wants to make in his books is always simple and direct. He has a way of putting into words the kinds of things you knew that you knew but could never really articulate it. That’s one of the reasons I recommend his writing to many people that I meet. I think other people find his books inspirational in a kind of self-revelatory way as he has received 4.5 stars for this book from readers and has had many great reviews, but he is not to everyone’s liking. He does get his critics, and that’s fair. There would be something wrong with what he wrote if everyone liked what he says and how he wrote it. Best check it out for yourself if the title interests you even just a little bit.

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