Powerful WordPress Themes

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Powerful WordPress Themes

It is amazing how much WordPress has grown in the last few years. From being bit of a ‘hobbist’ coding project to give the masses some kind of css that they could use to simply create some web sites with easy to use content management. Now it has matured.

Just today I was looking for some new WordPress theme to help me build an online store as I have been wanting to more professionally and easily create websites that really meet the needs of my visitors without me having to spend hour after hour, day after day, putting the sites together. It may be that I have found the almost perfect solution.

With the theme I discovered you can put together a more traditional store online and start selling your own products and services online right now with inbuilt shopping cart software that eliminates the need for expensive off-site processing or plugins that you have to install and setup yourself.

Another area, and one which greatly interests me, is this themes ability to build affiliate stores. Specifically Amazon affiliate stores. But not just Amazon stores but also those built around Ebay, Datafeedr and CSV product import tools. Just an amazing array of backend data feed functionality that you will not easily find anywhere else, not even for hundreds or dollars more.

You are able to also create catalog websites where you can showcase your company products and services. This is accomplished by using this theme as a catalog. Another simple point and click setting and all is taken care of.

Are you into information products and some other kind of digital product? Well this theme will enable you to sell digital downloads such as ebooks, music and PDF’s easily. I have done this kind of website setup up in the past and believe me it is a headache. Sure it can be done, but it takes time which in todays world is the one thing you can not create more of so you want to spend what you do have wisely.

Some key benefits to using this powerful WordPress theme:

1. It’s quick and easy to setup

2. You can create affiliate stores online with a powerful, feature packed backed end

3. You have 20+ store designs to choose from. These are included for free and more available at a small cost.

4. Fully search engine optimized which allows you to laser target your niche and keywords.

5. It’s PayPal ready and comes with integration for many other payment processors as well

6. A built in order management system

7. Has customizable product fields

8. And of course the one thing that so many products lack that is going to make your life so much easier… it comes with 24/7 customer support.

I’ll give the link to check it out in another day or so.

Here are some theme providers I recommend.

You may want to consider each one before choosing the theme you want to run with. You can click the images to be taken directly to the website.

1. WooThemes


2. Thesis Theme For WordPress
Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community




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