Q: How To Redirect a WordPress Page?

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Q: How To Redirect a WordPress Page?

Today I had the question: how to redirect a WordPress page. I was setting up some pages on my WordPress blog and I thought wouldn’t it be great to easily redirect people to something outside my website. In particular I was thinking of something like an Amazon product URL. You know how long and ugly Amazon redirect URLs can be…. and I thought something more personal like a blog page URL would be much more appealing. So I set off to find something that would do the job. If I had asked the question there was probably a ton of people out there who had already asked this exact same question and there would be some who had gone a step further by providing a solution to make a WordPress page redirect. And sure enough I was right.

What I discovered with a wonderfully simple solution to the question: how to redirect a WordPress page. The solution I found was in the form of a WordPress plugin called: Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin.

Here is the description I pulled from the WordPress.org website.

“Version 5.0.2. This plugin adds adds an option box to the edit section where you can specify the redirect location and type of redirect that you want, temporary, permanent, or meta. See below for additional features added.

  • Works with new WordPress menus
  • Works with new WordPress Custom Post Types (set option on settings page)
  • jQuery integration for more enhanced re-writes (set option on settings page).
  • You can set a redirect page or menu link to open in a new window (will not work on permalinks)
  • You can add a rel=”nofollow” attribute to the page or menu link of the redirect (will not work on permalinks)
  • You can completely re-write the URL for the redirect so it takes the place of the default page URL (rewrite the href link)
  • You can redirect without needing to create a Page or Post. This is very useful for sites that were converted to WordPress and have old links that create 404 errors (see FAQs for more information). This option does not allow for open in a new window or nofollow functions.
  • Redirect Location can be to another WordPress page/post or any other website with an external URL.
  • Redirect can use a full URL path, the post or page ID, permalink or page-name (not available for Quick Redirects method).
  • Option Screen to set global overrides like turning off all redirects at once, setting a global destination link, make all redirect open in a new window, etc.
  • View a summary of all redirected pages/posts or custom post types and Quick Redirects that are currently set up.
  • Plugin Clean up functions for those who decide they may want to remove all plugin data.
  • Import/Export of redirects for backup, or to bulk add redirects.
  • Built-in FAQs/Help that can be updated daily with relevant questions.

This plugin is not compatible with WordPress versions less than 3.1. Requires PHP 5+.”

Here are some reviews/comments from other users:

“Plugin is easy to use, does precisely what it claims and when other plugins interrupt it, support is quick to assist in the troubleshooting. Great for anyone who needs to redirect and does not want to have to rearrange a database…or three. ”

“Does just what I needed, easily too! Thanks a ton! ”

“Finally, a redirection plugin that does what it should! So easy to use, works perfectly, and is simple and non-confusing.”

I found the plugin to be very straight forward to install and use. Of course it installs like any other plugin simply by uploading the .zip file once downloaded from the WordPress.org website. You can probably search for it and install it via the dashboard from within your sites WordPress admin area, I just like doing it the other way. Once installed I was intuitively able to make the settings necessary to get it to do what I wanted and it once done in under 10 minutes. So can’t recommend it enough.

Here is the link to the WordPress page to pick it up for yourself: Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin

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