Simple Way To Create HTML Code

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Simple Way To Create HTML Code

A Simple Way To Create HTML Code

If there was a simple way to create HTML code would you want to know about it?

If you are anything like me you will be constantly creating and tweaking websites and often you just need a little bit of HTML code just to fine tune something you are working on. Now I don’t work with HTML enough to remember what I need to type and how I need to type it. I know I should probably have a large HTML coding volume sitting on my shelf but I just don’t want to have to grab something like that, page through it and then have to manually type what it tells me I should to get the result I want. Sound like you too?

A couple of days ago  I came across a website that has made the need for remembering HTML code and then need for some hefty volume of instructions obsolete. Now I can visit this website, click on the link to the kind of code I am wanting to create, type in the details, hit a button and the code is created for me. All I have to do then is copy and paste that into my website and I am done. Mission accomplished.

So with out further delay, here is the link to this great service. It’s completely free and it’s my TIP OF THE DAY to help make your life on the internet just that little bit easier.

Just to give you an example. Say you want to make a click-able link in a page of text. Normally I know this is not an issue especially when doing it in a WordPress blog post as all the tools are provided, but if you are trying to create one in a WordPress widget for example you will need to know how to do this.

Five Easy Steps To Creating Simple HTML code

(in this example I’ll create click-able link)

1. Go to

2. Find the code generator you are looking for, in our case: Clickable Link Generator

3. Type in the “Link Name” – that means the text that you want to show in your content that will be click-able. Then type in the “URL” that the link should go to when the text is clicked. This is simply a matter of copy the URL from you browser address/URL field and pasting it in here. They even give and example of what it should look like.

Clickable Link Generator

4. Hit the “Generate Code” button and the code is created.

5. Finally, you simply copy that code and then paste it into you content. You’re done.




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