White Board Animation Software

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White Board Animation Software

It has become quite common for videos to appear using what appears to be white board animation software. You know what I mean. A hand appears and seems to write or draw before your very eyes as the video plays out. As the hand moves across the white board text or a drawing appears. It’s very engaging and most people who see this kind of video want to stay right through to the end to see what the test ends up saying or what the drawing ends up depicting. It’s very clever. Often these animated videos are accompanied by a voice over that talks you through the text that is appearing on the screen or tells and engaging story that the hand illustrates as it unfolds.

What you might find interesting is that this style of animation has been around for a long time. Traditionally it as been used by animation studios over the last 100 years or so to tell stories…. think Disney and how their early animated films looked and you will see some similarities to what is now appearing in video form across the internet. But there is a huge difference. What has been done by hand and using something like stop motion animation for many many years is now able to be done by software. It is often referred to as white board animation software.


Creating video animations no longer needs to be restricted to the big studios or businesses that can afford to pay a ton of animation artists to create what they are after. With the creation of white board animation software it is now possible for small businesses, individuals evenĀ  to create engaging white board animations for business or pleasure. If you are interested in checking out an animation software package and giving it a 7 day free trail click here to find out more.

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